Sunday, October 2, 2011

Poutine! Truffley poutine.

One day I was at the Yard House in Costa Mesa and noticed they had truffle fries. I am a sucker for truffle fries! A place called little big burger had truffle fries so I have been in love ever since.
Anyways, I have had a thing for poutine ever since my vacation in Montreal, and create it every restaurant that I can. So truffle fry poutine came to my mind.
Poutine is basically fries, with cheese( authentically cheese curds), and gravy.
The Yard House has a bourbon gravy that is amaaaazing!
So my poutine was truffle fries, with cheddar and bourbon gravy. Probably the best poutine I have ever had.It was also happy hour so I got a bbq chicken pizza for like 6 bucks.
And of course some beer. But I have become quite the snob. I am not too impressed by the yardhouse selection because anything that might be unique has probably been sitting there a while. Thats the problem with 180-252 faucets of beer.
I don't mind goat hill tavern across the street though. It's quite a dump.

On a side note, this is my favorite yard house. My dad installed the beer system and I remember coming to the job site with him as a kid.