Sunday, October 24, 2010


An Italian beer brewed with Costa Rican cacao. It was gooood. It has 12.5% abv. I don't know much else about it though. Other than I'm sure it's expensive.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I LOVE making burgers of any kind. This is a combination of one I make in mexico and one I make in California. I pour sriracha onto the ground beef and mix it in and at the end I topped it off with Mr. Yoshida's Marinade and Cooking sauce. It's basically teriyaki. The best kind I have ever had. You can get it from Costco! I usually use pepper jack cheese, it's my favorite on a burger.The Sriracha

Mixing it into the ground beef.
The finished patty cooking in butter.

Mmmmm butter!

Pouring the butter and beef fat onto the top bun.

Pouring the Yoshida sauce onto the burger. Mmmm pepper jack cheese.

And a lovely jar of milk.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Hopworks! I pick up beer from them every monday for work and brought my camera this time around. I love the smell of a bruery. Spent grain is a top smell in my book

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I drive by this place on a daily basis returning to work after a day of delivering beer. One day I said to hell with it! and stopped for lunch. I happened to park in a spot that bent a street sign(hehehe) because my delivery truck was too wide. But man was this place as good as I had hoped. I bought an abodaba, or is it adobada torta. Mmmm. Reminds me of Guadalajara (and a little bit of California too). I truly miss GDL, I would rather live that month over and over for the rest of my life than progress and age over time. It was an adventure I'll never ever forget. Or come close to beating.

This time I came by with Jefe(Jeff-my room mate) and a camera. I got the same adomabalabala(@$#!) torta, and jeff got the "carne asada chips." Goood stuff.

Javier's Taco Shop
121 N Lombard St
Portland, OR 97217-1529

Bruery Orchard White

Got my hands on a bottle of this baby! It has the taste and feel of champagne, only I like it a lot more and has a hint of a spice I can not put my finger on. My work has a 1/6 barrel of it sitting in the corner, aging in the walk in. I have a feeling I will be buying their stock of Bruery kegs out. So far the count is I believe 5. Only 5 kegs in all of Portland, only one being a half barrel. How many of you Bruery fans can get their hands on a Bruery keg, hmmm?

Which reminds me... I need to get my hands on some Autumn Maple, and some Black Tuesday as well... I'll see what my bosses can do.

Polish food..ugh

The other day we had a Polish festival in town. And by the other day I mean at least a week ago. I've never had Polish food before and was willing to give it a try. I figured that it would be terrible though because if it was good I might have had it somewhere right? I was completely right. This stuff was terrible haha. Never again will I venture into Polish food. It lacks any spices, it is all bland. Oh joy. One of the dumpling things wasn't unbearable though. That dumpling and the sausage were the only things that made it completely into my mouth.

Polish food... ugh