Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Laurelwood Portland Roast Espresso Stout

I work for a beer distributor that sells this beer. So one day I decided to get my hands on one and try it. It's from Laurelwood Brewery up in NE (I think) Portland. A Portland roast espresso stout.

It was a wonderful stout that tasted a bit like I was drinking coffee, in a good way. I tend not to have anything to do with coffee. But put it in a beer and I go to town! I even enjoyed the fact that at the end of the beer all the yeast sediment was in there. I really approve of not filtering a beer. Prefer it even. Kind of like the cloudy yeast at the bottom of a blue moon or a widmer but in everything. I wish I had more, maybe I'll buy a case of 22oz. bottles at work and bring them home with me.

It's organic too! for those that care for such things.

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