Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My stomach has been warm for hours!

Behind all that red pepper, Mrs. Dash seasoning (available anywhere i imagine. I acquired the tomato, basil, and garlic variety.), and parmesan cheese (thank you dominoes) is some nice unhealthy ground beef. The kind coming in a 5 pound plastic tube, mmmm! I go for the highest fat content possible.

I put the patty along with tons of seasoning in a small plastic container thing and shook it for a while. Then onto the pan with lots of unsalted butter! I believe I used pepper jack cheese as well as a gloop of guacamole. Which reminds me! Guacamole is hard to come by! The real kind anyways... At the store they sell around three kinds of guacamole type spread but upon reading an ingredient list longer than 5 ingredients I knew something was fishy. Luckily I found real guacamole that was made in Mexico. God knows they can't mess it up.
Make one of these! I would skimp on the parmesan cheese though. I only threw it on out of bored curiosity.

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